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DoiT has had a remote-first philosophy since our earliest days and has been remote only for years. Remote work is in our DNA; we've perfected our unique way of working, staying true to our mission, and maintaining our commitments to our clients. We have been fully focused on building a strong remote culture, staying true to our mission, maintaining our high standards for our customers, and offering an ever-improving support system for Do'ers. While others were scrambling to adjust, we were already on the remote work train, staying true to our mission and maintaining our commitments to our clients.

So, what does remote work look like at DoiT? For us, it's not just about working from nearby spots or the same time zone—it's about being globally distributed and fully remote. We're all about that#WorkFromAnywhere life. Why? Because we believe in the magic of true life-work balance.

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We offer unlimited PTO, complete with built-in mental health days, vacation, and even time for Good Do’er Days of volunteering. Why? Because we want our team (or as we call them, Do’ers) to make a splash in their professional lives while living their best life personally.

Our Remote-First Approach

Think of Do'ers as a bunch of superheroes spread across the world, working seamlessly together to conquer our customers' cloud challenges.

Flexibility is our middle name.While some positions are location-or time-zone-based, all Do'ers are able to work from home.

We work asynchronously, so there's no pressure for an immediate response unless it's an urgent situation.

Why We Do-iT

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Working in DoiT taught me how admirable leadership, collaboration culture, passionate & talented employees combined with a clear vision and a great environment can contribute to creating success from scratch.

Shani A.
Field Sales Manager
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Everybody is super welcoming and helpful. Truly an international team. Refreshingly pragmatic, casual, and flexible.

Birger H.
Senior Cloud Architect
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The people here are more knowledgeable than you have ever seen. At DoiT, we are helping customers with *everything* in the cloud space, and some of the consultants seem to know everything (or a reasonable approximation).

Joshua F.
Senior Cloud Architect
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DoiT's a global company but feels like a tight knit start up operating out a single office. There's a collaborative culture and each day I get to learn from experts in different Cloud Technology from all over the world!

Darren B.
Senior Cloud Architect
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How we work

Home is where the heart is, and for us, it's also where the work happens. Our homes are our primary workspaces, keeping collaboration natural, equal, and down right human. We're all about being open and supportive and giving each other the space to shine independently.

Metrics are our compass, not a micromanaging tool. We use them to make informed decisions and move the company forward. Trust is our not-so-secret secret sauce. We let our team decide when and where they want to work. It's all about moving fast, learning along the way, and making DoiT a remote work haven.

So there you have it—our remote work mojo at DoiT. It's a big reason why our company culture is as amazing as it is. Ready to join the remote revolution? We've got a spot for you in our virtual world! 🚀✨

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